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Coffee Consulting


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Want To Learn Coffee Marketing and Operations??

  • Hands-on training in Coffee Operations and Marketing
  • Professionally prepared course for roasters and coffee shop owners.
  • Bring your whole team for hands-on training.
  • One to Four Participants

Coffee Marketing and Operations Training Includes:

  • A professionally prepared 245 page Coffee Roasting, Brewing and Barista Manual for each participant.
  • Café operations consulting.
  • Coffee shop design and layout consulting.
  • Coffee branding and marketing consulting.
  • Staff management, profit and loss, supply chain.
  • Online marketing and social media consulting.

Price is per hour. Contact Us to create a custom consulting plan just for you.

Our Process

Great Coffee Is No Mistake! It takes experience, process, and discipline. Here is how we consistently deliver exceptional coffee.


We scour global suppliers for the most exceptional competition level coffee samples. We roast these samples, and purchase only the best micro-lots.


We develop roasting profiles on our Diedrich Sample roaster according to for each bean.. Our Diedrich drum roaster accentuates these flavour profiles.


We cup our samples using strict guidelines for conformity. We also use this process to develop our blends and ensure quality of each roasting batch.

Quality Control

Being a limited quantity, small-batch, micro-lot roaster means our quality is consistently exceptional. It takes more work, but the proof is in the cup.

Got Questions?

Give us a call or send us an email, we're happy to help out. Visit our "contact us" page to get our contact details or submit a form, or come visit us at our Coffee Lab in Victoria. We love having visitors.
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