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Higher Grounds!




Freshly Roasted Exceptional Single-Origin Coffee

  • Our featured currently available exceptional single-origin coffees
  • We exhaustively search for the absolutely best available single-origin coffees we can find.
  • Our extensive sample roasting, cupping, and evaluating process identifies exceptional coffee.
  • Select from one of several options: South/Central American or African features

Roasters Notes on Current Single-Origin Coffees:

  • Ethiopian Kaffa Forest is a Black Honey Washed process gr 1 coffee. Medium roast with melon, peach nectar, medium body
  • Ethiopian Sidamo is a natural process coffee. Medium roast with Vanilla, Caramel, Berry and an earthy body.
  • Guatemalan Finca Carrizal is a washed process coffee. Medium roast with Cocoa, Hazelnut and stone fruit notes.
  • Peru Norte is an Organic washed, patio dried process coffee. Medium roast with Milk Chocolate, Caramel apples notes
  • Like an exceptional single-malt scotch, these single origin coffees are quality enough to stand on their own.
  • Brew beautifully on your favourite brew method.

Additional information

Weight 470 g
Dimensions 17.78 × 10.8 × 7 cm

1 Litre Refill, 1 Litre Zero Waste Container, 340g, Sample Bag, 1 lb. Bag, 2 lb. Bag, 5 lb. Bag

Ground or Whole Bean

Whole Bean, Want it Ground But Not Sure How?, Ground For Toddy or Cold Brew, Ground For French Press, Ground For Able Kone, Ground For Chemex, Ground for Immersion Dripper, Ground For Cone Filter, Ground for Hario V60, Ground For Aeropress, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Turkish

Select Origin

Ethiopian Sidamo, Guatemalan Finca Carrizal, Peru Norte

24 reviews for Higher Grounds!

  1. Tracy

    I've tried a few of the different single origin varietals that have been available in the higher grounds line. Each has been roasted to bring out the best characteristics of the varietal, and each has made superb coffee as espresso or drip.

    • Ryan Johnston

      I have a Nicaragua coming soon...Keep an eye out for it on the website/Instagram!

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Our Process

Great Coffee Is No Mistake! It takes experience, process, and discipline. Here is how we consistently deliver exceptional coffee.


We scour global suppliers for the most exceptional competition level coffee samples. We roast these samples, and purchase only the best micro-lots.


We develop roasting profiles on our Diedrich Sample roaster according to for each bean.. Our Diedrich drum roaster accentuates these flavour profiles.


We cup our samples using strict guidelines for conformity. We also use this process to develop our blends and ensure quality of each roasting batch.

Quality Control

Being a limited quantity, small-batch, micro-lot roaster means our quality is consistently exceptional. It takes more work, but the proof is in the cup.

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Give us a call or send us an email, we're happy to help out. Visit our "contact us" page to get our contact details or submit a form, or come visit us at our Coffee Lab in Victoria. We love having visitors.
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