Why Does Coffee Freshness Matter?

The importance of freshness in every step of the coffee journey from bean to cup, cannot be overstated:

Fresh Green Beans  - Contrary to what was historically believed, green coffee does in fact go off. Hence, keeping the green coffee fresh and roasting it fresh is very important. Unless you're interested in an Italian style espresso where the green coffee is stored for a full season before roasting it, it's best to keep Green coffee farm-fresh, and transported and stored in a way that doesn't introduce external flavours.

Freshly Roasted Coffee – Must be bagged fresh to maintain flavour integrity, and ideally consumed within just days out of the roaster. At FIX! we do our best to maintain a “Roast-to-Order” inventory system, meaning coffee orders are only roasted once an order is placed.

Freshly Ground Coffee – Coffee is constantly emitting CO2 and taking the flavour with it. When you grind the coffee, you expose a larger surface area of the bean to oxygen, light and moisture, effectively brewing the coffee into the air (hence the intense aroma of freshly ground coffee), and a significant enough volume of CO2 leaves the bean within the first 4 minutes of grinding, enought to drastically change the taste in the cup.

Freshly Brewed Coffee – Brewed coffee is at its peak moments after the brew is complete and begins to deteriorate almost immediately. After 30-minutes, the coffee flavour has changed significantly enough that it no longer accurately represents the intended flavour profile of the Roast Master and must be discarded. Keeping coffee on “warmers” actually does the exact opposite of what it is intended to do. Instead of keeping the coffee hot and fresh, it in fact speeds up the Oxidization process and usually after 10-minutes on a warmer, brewed coffee begins to taste awful.

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