What is the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)?

The Specialty Coffee Association or SCA (Formerly SCAA - Specialty Coffee Association of America (they dropped "of America" in order to reflect its true worldwide status)) is the international certifying body for Barista’s, Roasters and other coffee professionals. It is a not for profit organization with the sole purpose of improving coffee for the consumer.

An annual convention is held (on alternating coasts – one year east-coast, next year west-coast) of North America in which anyone with any new products for the coffee industry may present on the show-floor. Various informative sessions and discourses are held on various topics from sourcing coffee to Roasting and everything in-between.

As the SCA is a not-for-profit organization, the membership fees support the costs of course and produce development. Courses and training are being developed constantly to further the quality and development of coffee and the industry.

The SCA is the organization that created and oversees the Barista Guild, The Roasters Guild, The World Barista Championships and The Coffee Quality Institute. FIX! is a member of SCA, the Barista Guild and the Coffee Roasters Guild because we are dedicated to the furthering of the quality of coffee.

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