What Is Arabica Coffee?

Coffea Arabica – is a broad classification of a parent category or species of coffee indigenous to Ethiopia and Yemen. Thought to be the first coffee species cultivated with a history spanning over a thousand years.

Generally speaking (and we don't like to speak in generalities) Arabica plants (and by extension their fruit, and beans) take longer to grow. Additionally they usually thrive at higher altitudes and produce a smaller crop of beans per tree than its cousin, the Robusta (Coffea Canephora). The resulting green coffee bean is denser, more concentrated in potential flavour, contains more delicate flavour notes, and is more flavourful. Without a doubt Arabica Coffee is certainly of a higher quality than robusta, with a fraction of the caffeine.

There are many Varietals within the Arabica family of coffee (see the attached image), and to be satisfied with simply roasting "Arabica" without knowing the varietal, altitude grown at, bean density, screen size, and moisture content would simply be throwing green coffee in a roaster and hoping for the best (Read: a waste of time). These, and many more factors, greatly affect the quality of the final cup and at FIX!, we tirelessly examine these factors and study the result each has in the cup as part of our never ending drive towards providing that consistently exceptional cup of coffee.

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