What is an Artisan Roaster?

The term Artisan Roaster is thrown about just a little too liberally. So, in an attempt to clear the smoke (a small roaster joke!), let's attempt to clarify the definition of an Artisan Roaster:

- An Artisan Roaster consistently sources the finest green coffee.

- An Artisan Roaster relentlessly sample roasts and base their purchasing decisions on a regimented sampling to cupping protocol.

- An Artisan Roaster has set cupping regimen, cupping at least three times per week.

- An Artisan Roaster develops their own system for categorizing and grading samples for the purposes of profile roasting and cupping.

- An Artisan Roaster does not rely on automated roasting systems, but has an intimate knowledge of how to roast variously categorized green coffee.

- An Artisan Roaster roasts each batch to its unique qualities, not simply following one set roasting technique.

- Following Malcolm Gladwell's famous 10,000 hour rule: An Artisan Roaster should really have at least 10 years experience in the coffee industry.

- An Artisan Roaster is not simply someone who roasts small batches of coffee, or roasts on a small roaster.

- Being an Artisan Roaster should be clearly separated from being a Barista, WBC or not, these are two different (yet related) professions! Being a great barista does not necessarily make someone a great roaster.

I suspect this definition will spark some controversy / conversation. In the words of Mike Myers: "Talk amongst yourselves"!

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