What Is A Café Mocha?

The Café Mocha (pronounced “Ka-fay Mow-kaah”) is a very popular coffee and chocolate based drink. The Café Mocha has been over-simplified as “a coffee and hot chocolate”, which was it’s roots, but the true “Mocha” has progressed well beyond such simplicity. The recipe for a Café Mocha, is very similar to the Café Latte, but has a key ingredient added, rich thick dark chocolate. The right chocolate melted using the espresso shot will actually accentuate the sweetness of the Espresso. If you enjoy Chocolate, you have to try this!

Usually served in a 16oz mug, made with a Double Espresso shot that melts the rich dark chocolate, which then blends beautifully with the perfectly stretched chrome-like milk. Some choose to leave the Café Mocha free of additional toppings, while others will add a creative display of whipped-cream and / or chocolate sprinkles. Chocolate desert meats coffee perfection …

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