What Is A Café Americano?

A traditional Café Americano, as the name suggests, is the “Americanized” version of an Espresso. American Tourists became synonymous with asking for additional hot water to dilute their Espresso. The Americano is gloriously simple: Espresso and Hot Water.

Warning: Americano’s are terribly addictive!

Perfectly extracted Double Espresso Shots floats beautifully atop a bed of hot water, and are served in a double 8oz (235ml) ceramic mug, but for those of you who dare to live on the edge, throw in a couple of extra shots (or try it “half-caff” if the prospect of too much caffeine is just too much).

FIX! Espresso has a sweet caramel-like base and delightfully bright and sweet notes from the 5 coffees that make up our Cowbell Espresso blend making it the ideal way to have an americano. Now back to sipping that syrupy deliciousness...

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