What Is A Barista?

A Barista is not simply a person who works in a coffee shop, or a person operating an espresso machine.

A Barista is a skilled worker, a Tradesperson or Artisan skilled in the art of coffee. A Barista understands (not just knows how to go through the motions) of why each step in the process of Espresso extraction and Milk stretching is critical.

A Barista has not only completed a professional training program, but they have received real world experience, balancing the goals of such programs as the World Barista Championship, with real world requirements and environments.

A Barista is focused and detail oriented. With detailed knowledge of all aspects of the coffee trade, and a strong focus on the operation of the Espresso Bar.

Barista’s are part of an international community with a unified focus on the improvement of coffee quality. Barista’s have a strong desire to learn and are relentless in their search for information and experimentation to improve their skills. Barista's truly dedicated to their trade seriously consider joining a guild such as the Barista Guild - dedicated to the improvement of the Coffee Industry and the coffee skills of Baristas worldwide.

Think you have what it takes? We are always hiring coffee enthusiasts, plus, living in beautiful Victoria BC is not too bad a perk!

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