What Does Hygroscopic Mean?

Ever wondered why coffee has such an intoxicating smell? Simply put: it's because coffee is hygroscopic. What does that mean?

Sometimes it is incorrectly referred to as Hydroscopic (which refers to tools or lenses used underwater).

Hygroscopic refers to coffees ability to absorb moisture from the air. It also absorbs and releases air and light the same way and releasing them as CO2 (Carbon dioxide carries the Coffee’s aromatic compounds with it). This "hygroscopic quality" of Coffee is responsible for coffees intoxicating aroma, but it is also responsible for coffee going stale very quickly if it is not stored using the correct methods before and after roasting to ensure the freshness of the coffee.

We offer solutions for storing coffee that remove as much oxygen from a container as possible, which will help preserve coffee for up to double the amount of time over being traditionally stored.

Further, coffee should only be ground moments prior to brewing to limit the coffee’s ability to absorb moisture, air and light prior to brewing. Grinding simply exposes more surface area of the bean to these “enemies” of coffee, hence speeding up the process of coffee going stale. Keep coffee fresh, and whole bean as long as possible to reduce the negative affects of coffee's Hygroscopic qualities.

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