How Much Caffeine Is In Coffee?

Caffeine occurs naturally within the unroasted green coffee bean, the process of roasting coffee has little to no affect on the level of caffeine, neither accentuating nor decreasing caffeine. Caffeine is either present in the green coffee when it enters the roaster, or it is not. That level of caffeine remains the same when it comes out of the roaster. Caffeination is not a chemical reaction like mallards caramelization, which is how coffee gets its flavour and can be accentuated by a skilled artisan roaster. Caffeine on the other hand cannot be accentuated, or decreased during the roasting process.

Robusta beans contain on average about double the amount of caffeine that Arabica beans contain. There are certain “low caffeine” or “naturally decaffeinated” Arabica beans. Some are naturally occurring varietals and others have been specifically bred to contain less caffeine.

On average, a cup of brewed coffee will contain between 85 and 100mg of caffeine, or about three times the amount of a can of coca cola, or close to four times the amount of caffeine in a cup of black tea.

While caffeine in excess may have negative health effects, in moderation (2-3 cups a day) there is no scientific evidence that coffee, or caffeine will have negative effects on your health. In fact, some recent studies have discovered amazing antioxidant qualities as well as a host of other health boosting qualities in coffee. At FIX!, we only roast Arabica coffee of the highest quality which naturally contain low quantities of caffeine. For those who prefer to avoid caffeine all together, we offer Decaf coffee that employs the Swiss Water Process or the CO2 decaffeinating process and decaffeinated without the use of chemicals.

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