How Long Will Roasted Coffee Keep Fresh?

While green coffee will stay fresh for a considerable amount of time, once roasted; the clock is ticking! Immediately after leaving the Roaster, the hundreds of chemical processes ignited within the bean during the roasting process remain active and require 24 hours to stabilize and for the Carbon Dioxide levels to reduce to a level sufficient for brewing.

After 24 hours, the freshly roasted bean’s flavour will peak and immediately begin to deteriorate through a process called Oxidization.

Carbon Dioxide carries aroma particles with it, and Aroma is responsible for the taste in coffee. The problem however is that the beans continue de-gassing (Carbon Dioxide) until there is no CO2 left. No CO2 = No Flavour!

This presents a particular problem to Roasters. Packaging coffee too early results in the bag expanding and bursting because of the “off gassing” process of the beans. Therefore, many roasters will simply allow the off-gassing process to complete before they package their “gas-free-beans” into “Bricks”. Again, No CO2 = No Flavour!

So what do we do to shield the freshly roasted beans from its enemies: moisture, air and light?

Special bags have been developed that have a flavour-lock-seal. This seal allows coffee to be bagged fresh without bursting. The bag is flushed with gas to remove all the Oxygen, the coffee is bagged and sealed. The flavour-lock-seal is a one-way valve that allows CO2 to escape without any new O2 being introduced to the coffee. If you can recall in your chemistry classes: without O2, the CO2 production in the bean is stunted. Essentially meaning that while the CO2 continues to escape from the beans, the lack of O2 slows the process down significantly, extending the shelf-life of the coffee, which would otherwise be limited to a maximum of Seven-days out of the roaster, to up to Six-weeks out of the roaster with little to no difference in the flavour of the coffee.

At FIX!, we only Roast-to-order. Meaning, your coffee doesn’t sit on some shelf or in a container for weeks or months at a time. You place the order, and then it goes into the roaster, bagged and in your hands within a day out of the roaster, guaranteed!

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