How Does Coffee Get Artificially Flavoured?

Flavoured coffee has become all the rage at Gast Stations and 24 hr convenience stores across North America! A bit underhanded yes, but it makes the point (“Gas station” coffee in general has a very bad rep for quality).

Coffee that is flavoured, generally starts off as a low grade, low quality coffee that often lacks any of its own discernible qualities and therefore cannot be sold for any real value on the open coffee markets. Hence in an attempt to increase its value, the coffee is flavoured using a series of chemicals (and sometimes a few “natural” ingredients). These coffees are also usually roasted to a very dark range and then flavoured after roasting.

Can’t fight the urge to add something to your coffee? Try adding a little steamed milk? Okay, if you MUST, a tiny little bit of sugar or honey won’t hurt!

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