How Do I Brew Great Coffee At Home?

Perhaps our most commonly received question! "How do I brew great coffee at home?

Brewing a great cup of coffee at home is within the reach of anyone. Armed with a little knowledge, and a couple of the right tools for the trade, you'll be wowing guests and family with your amazing coffee skills in no time. Here's how:

  1. Remember the K.I.S. principle; Keep It Simple! Elaborate and expensive equipment is nice to look at, but rarely brews better coffee than a basic French-Press or pour-over and a Kettle. If there is one piece of equipment to splurge on, it would be to buy a quality Grinder.
  2. Please Go With the Fundamentals (P.G.W.F) Proportion, Grind, Water, Freshness. Follow the links to read all about it.
  3. Understand what you are attempting to accomplish by understanding the extraction process and goals.
  4. Lastly, don’t be overly concerned with “flowery-terms” and sounding coffee-suave, just remember, at the end of the day what really matters is whether you like it or not, that’s it!

Here are the steps to brewing coffee deliciousness at home:

We will address one of the simplest methods of brewing in this tutorial (in future we will add others) and that is a classic: the French-Press method of brewing coffee. A French Press maintains the flavour integrity and oil development as the Roast Master intended it. If you have a stop-watch or timer, you may want to have it handy:

  1. Measure your freshly roasted coffee at a ratio 60 grams per litre (roughly 2 tablespoons per 175ml cup of water) and grind it within minutes of brewing (ideally within 1-3 minutes to be exact). Use a coarse grind for the French-Press.
  2. Bring fresh, filtered cold water to a boil. You will need about double the amount of Water you intend to brew. Stop the kettle as soon as it begins to boil and note the time the boil was complete.
  3. Pre-heat your French-Press by immediately pouring hot water into your Press and coffee-mugs (just hot water, not the coffee yet). Pre-heat the filter or “Press” by placing it in the hot water as well. The importance of starting with clean equipment and mugs cannot be overstated, any residue (including dish-soap) will make its presence known in the coffee.
  4. 30-seconds after the water was brought to a boil, empty the water from the French-Press. Place the freshly ground coffee into the press and immediately pour the water into the Press. You can place the Press on a scale if you like to ensure your coffee to water ratio is exact and consistent. Be sure to leave about 2.5cm (almost an inch) below the lip of the Press.
  5. Set your timer to a 4-minute count down and start the timer.
  6. After 30 seconds, your coffee will "bloom" and form a "crust". This is good! Use a spoon to stir the coffee making sure that all the grinds are properly soaked. This will ensure even extraction (brew), it will also allow the heavier grinds to sink, making the plunging action later easier.
  7. Place the “press” or “plunger” just below the surface of the coffee, ensuring the lid covers the press, and leave it, do not plunge yet.
  8. When the timer goes off (or 4 minutes have gone by on your stop-watch), gently plunge the Press. This should not require much more pressure than the weight of your arm, and if it does your screen requires a good cleaning, or possibly even replacement. Turn the closed-lip to open.

Pour, and enjoy! 🙂

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