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Coffee Professionals Are Rewarding Themselves With A FIX! Franchise

It's time To Take Charge

Tired of making your boss rich? Is it time you took charge of your future? Do you have a desire to drive your own career & finally earn what you know you're worth?

passionate about coffee?

Are you a Barista, Coffee Roaster or coffee professional looking to take your career to the next level? Owning your own coffee business may seem out of reach, but there is a better way, a more sustainable, financially attainable way!

There Has to be a better way!

FIX! is all about turning the coffee industry on its head. After decades in the coffee industry making our bosses rich, we decided to start up our own coffee roasting business. Now we've made it our business to enable others in the coffee industry to take control of their careers, and break the cycle of the wealth from the coffee industry ending up in the hands of a few. Come get yours!

The FIX! Advantage

A café may be all of our dream, but is it the best way forward in the coffee industry in 2020? 2021? Beyond? A FIX! Coffee trailer provides you with a way to navigate the storm of starting up a new business in a COVID world.

Low cost of entry - Protect your cashflow!

Innovative finance and leasing options make a FIX! Coffee Franchise a "no-brainer" when it comes to cost, cashflow, and sustainability. 

Be local - Support Local!

One thing that 2020 has taught us is that people WANT to support local businesses, not national or international franchises. FIX! Is all about the West Coast. We are intrinsically local, and we get it. And so will your customers!

Why FIX!?

What makes a FIX! Franchise the best option in a sea of options for Vancouver Island, and Vancouver in 2020?

Micro-Lot Roastery

Small batch roasting right in Victoria means the coffee is super fresh, super delicious. A coffee that coffee professionals can get behind!

Be A Local Business

There's a reason one of the top trending hashtags in 2020 was #supportlocal and #buylocal. People WANT to support local businesses.

Limitless Opportunity

Because a FIX! Coffee Trailer isn't in a permanent location, the options for vending are incredibly broad. Work as much, or as little as you want.




Easy Setup
& Moving

available franchise opportunities

FIX! has limited franchise opportunities available on Vancouver Island, and the BC Lower Mainland.

Victoria BC & Southern Vancouver Island

With a population over 350,000, including many coffee connoisseurs; Canada's most temperate weather with 9+ month mobile vending window; and numerous farmers markets and mobile vending friendly municipalities - Greater Victoria is the perfect place to run your coffee vending trailer business.

Total Mobile Trailer Franchise Opportunities = 1

Vancouver BC & The 
BC Lower Mainland

With a population over 2.7 million, including a massive coffee culture and Canada's most "livable city" and a year round vending culture - Greater Vancouver presents a fantastic opportunity to run one, or even multiple coffee vending trailers, and potentially a second roastery franchise opportunity as well. 

Total Mobile Trailer Franchise Opportunities = 3

Nanaimo BC & Northern
Vancouver Island

Nanaimo and North Island has a booming population and burgeoning culture of gentrification as many seek to leave larger cities but want to stay on the West Coast. Presenting a huge opportunity for a coffee Franchise in Nanaimo and North Island. 

Total Mobile Trailer Franchise Opportunities = 1

What about training?

Whether you are a seasoned coffee professional, or new to the industry, we will tailor make the training you need to fill in the gaps necessary to make sure your FIX! Coffee franchise is a success.  Roasting, brewing, espresso extraction, latte art, marketing, you name it we can help get your franchise off to a great start!

What does it cost?

A coffee trailer franchise costs the price of the trailer to manufacture (in Surrey BC), equip, and brand, and a small $5,000 franchise fee which covers training and initial marketing.  A roasting franchise is the same. In both instances all coffee is sourced through FIX! at a highly preferable price. A monthly marketing fee of 5% of revenue is the only ongoing fee. Funding or leasing options can be arranged.

Ready to find out more?

Get in touch with us with any questions you may have, or to request next steps to starting up your FIX! Coffee Business!

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