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Got questions about coffee? We don't have ALL the answers, but as coffee fanatics involved in the coffee industry since 1999, we've come across a few answers along the way, and we're happy to share them with you here...
How Do I Brew Great Coffee At Home?

Perhaps our most commonly received question! "How do I brew great coffee at home? Brewing a great cup of coffee at home is within the reach of anyone. Armed with a little knowledge, and a couple of the right tools for the trade, you'll be wowing guests and family with your amazing coffee skills in […]

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How Long Will Roasted Coffee Keep Fresh?

While green coffee will stay fresh for a considerable amount of time, once roasted; the clock is ticking! Immediately after leaving the Roaster, the hundreds of chemical processes ignited within the bean during the roasting process remain active and require 24 hours to stabilize and for the Carbon Dioxide levels to reduce to a level […]

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How Should I Store My Freshly Roasted Coffee?

Freshness is very important to the quality of coffee. Ideally, coffee wouldn’t be stored for longer than 7-days after opening your bag of freshly roasted coffee. It is better to purchase smaller quantities of coffee more regularly than to store larger quantities for any length of time. That having been said, once the bag is […]

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What Are The Fundamentals of Brewing Coffee?

Ever wondered why the coffee you brew at home doesn’t taste the same as it does at a Cafe? Well, here’s the tutorial, follow the fundamentals and you’ll notice the difference, guaranteed. To help you remember the four most important fundamentals, just remember: Please, Go, With, the Fundamentals (P.G.W.F), Proportion, Grind, Water, Freshness. To understand […]

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What Is The Ideal Coffee To Water Ratio?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) recommends Two tablespoons of ground coffee for each 175ml (6oz.) of Water. Put another way, that is 55 - 65 grams of ground coffee per litre of water for brewed coffee. It is also important to keep the coffee fresh and grind it just prior to brewing. Espresso requires a […]

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Why Filter Water Before Brewing Coffee?

Water represents approximately 98.5% of the coffee brew, so it's easy to understand why the quality of the water used for coffee preparation is very important. No matter how good the quality of the beans, bad water = bad coffee. Hence, it is very important to filter out any chemicals added for water treatment, particularly […]

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What Is The Best Grind For My Brewing Method?

“Grind”, usually refers to the degree of fineness, or coarseness coffee is ground prior to brewing. To make an informed decision about which grind is ideal for your brewing method, we must first understand the effect that grind levels have on the extraction process (brewing): 1. There is a direct relationship between degree of grind […]

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Why Does Coffee Freshness Matter?

The importance of freshness in every step of the coffee journey from bean to cup, cannot be overstated: Fresh Green Beans  - Contrary to what was historically believed, green coffee does in fact go off. Hence, keeping the green coffee fresh and roasting it fresh is very important. Unless you're interested in an Italian style […]

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What Role Does Heat Play In Brewing Coffee?

Heat (specifically heat retention) is a very important factor in every method of brewing coffee. Often, the main reason the coffee you brew at home tastes different than it does at a cafe, is because home brewers simply don’t get the water hot enough. While coffee should be brewed at temperatures between 91 and 95 […]

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Should Water Be Boiling When I Brew My Coffee?

Short answer – No! Long answer – Still No! Ideal brew temperature is between 91 and 95 degrees C (195 to 205 F), a full 5 to 9 degrees off boiling. Boiling water will scald and damage the surface of the coffee grinds, but water that is too cool (below 91 C or 195 F) […]

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